Saturday, November 26, 2011

                                                   Hypnosis Certification Training

This course has been designed  for any  professional who is passionate about learning hypnosis and its practice 
Rather than starting your training from the basics as in a 3 Day Group Course we will assist you by focusing in on your specific advanced needs such as:

How to incorporate hypnosis with your clients.
How to self hypnotize yourself for best best result you looking for.
Dealing with depression or anxiety issues.
Eliminating panic attacks and phobias.
Or even starting a new practice and marketing issues.

You will be trained exclusively by a Certified Clinical Instructor in Hypnotherapy with over 20 years experience as a mental health clinician in both private practice as well as in one of the finest psychiatric hospitals in the world.
You will save time and money from not having an extended stay away from your office. 
Class Dates Scheduled Around Your Availability.You can pick and choose the training dates that are convenient for you. Your class dates can be scheduled all at once or at separate times, on weekdays or weekends as long as we have the dates available. Due to a limited amount of calendar days throughout the year, this training is scheduled on a first come first serve basis so you should call soon to secure your choices.
Customized Individual Attention.  
We will customize your training to suit your specific needs. We realize that everyone has a different reason to attend training as there are so many opportunities available as a Hypnotherapist. If you are interested in a certain area of hypnosis such as Past Life Regression or how to integrate hypnosis with your existing Mental Health or Counseling Practice then this may be the best option for you. We will be able to spend more time working on what you are interested in rather than wasting time on what you are not.
This customized attention is especially important if you already have experience in dealing with clients with hypnosis or other venues such as counseling. experienced professionals are used to dealing with the public often times are able to pick up basic techniques much quicker than those who have never worked with the public before. We are able to accelerate their training through the basics and focus more on the in-depth techniques and hands on practice which is why they are most likely attending.


3 days is actually more than enough time to study, understand, practice and be competent as a new hypnosis practitioner. In fact you will be conducting hypnosis by the end of the first day.

With our fast track system of teaching hypnosis you will be able to help others progress in no time. With no other students in attendance you will not be wasting time waiting for others to finish their turn at conducting practice sessions or exercises. With this advantage alone you can get trained in a fraction of the time. All of the classroom time is just devoted to you.

A big part of the training is learning the facts, background, procedures, and general study of hypnotherapy. However if that was all sent to you in advanced to read and get ahead to start on, imagine how much time that can save. Now you would be able to spend more time on the hands-on practice and less on what can be easily done by reading on your own.

What most people don't realize is that hypnosis is a system. There is an actual process to conducting sessions that can be taught and learned very easily in a very short time.
For a limited time assessment and evaluation,one hour session only, $350.00

"It does not have to be difficult to be worthwhile."

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